What’s next?

If you’re like us, you breathed a sigh of relief after last Saturday’s successful tax rededication. After a month of misinformation, common sense prevailed. That’s an encouraging, important step for our community. But it’s just a step – and a small step – towards dealing with our drainage issues. So take a couple of days…

A Step Forward

There is a tax election Saturday in Lafayette, and depending on who you listen to, a “yes” vote will bring about a range of terrible consequences—from encouraging short-sighted government waste to inviting a wholesale takeover of our community by a United Nations bent on destroying our personal freedoms. In case you haven’t been following too…

Fill This Space

Leadership requires courage. Culture requires participation and investment. These values are embedded in the DNA of Forward Lafayette. And the events of the last month have led us to reflect on how Lafayette finds itself wrestling with some very difficult questions that again require courage, investment, and participation. This past weekend marked the 31st year…

Decision Making

We value decision making that is reflective, agile, transparent and evidence-based.

Fiscal Responsibility

We value fiscal responsibility through measured investments that generate expected returns and sustainable outcomes.

Cultural Vitality

We value cultural vitality that is nourished by our residents and our investments.

Community Safety

We value community safety enhanced by shared accountability and strong personal relationships.


We value resiliency through big ideas implemented on a local scale..

Public Education

We value public education that produces high quality, equitable outcomes.


We value Transportation options that increase connectivity and accessibility.

Civic Engagement

We value civic engagement by citizens, government and community institutions.

Public Spaces

We value Public spaces that are both creative and functional.