Forward Lafayette Shares Vision

Forward Lafayette shares manifesto at Better Block McKinley.

Forward Lafayette promotes a positive vision for the future of Lafayette and serves as a platform from which we enable constructive dialogue and actions to achieve this vision.

We value:

  • Civic engagement by citizens, government and community institutions.
  • Public spaces that are both creative and functional.
  • Transportation options that increase connectivity and accessibility.
  • Public education that produces high quality, equitable outcomes.
  • Resiliency through big ideas implemented on a local scale.
  • Community safety enhanced by shared accountability and strong personal relationships.
  • Cultural vitality that is nourished by our residents and our investments.
  • Fiscal responsibility through measured investments that generate expected returns and sustainable outcomes.
  • Decision making that is reflective, agile, transparent and evidence-based.

Fully embraced, these values will serve as the catalyst for Lafayette’s continued transformation into a close-knit community with a high quality of life and unmatched economic success.

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