Cultural Vitality

We value cultural vitality that is nourished by our residents and our investments.

We believe that Lafayette is a community that is second to none when it comes to culture, exemplified by events such as Festival International de Louisiane and Festival Acadiens et Creoles. We celebrate our music, cuisine and art.  They attract people from all walks of life, coming together in celebration of community. Forward Lafayette (FL) values this sense of togetherness, and strives to discover creative ways to further enhance our community through this common bond.

FL believes that Lafayette is on the cusp of greatness, and that if achieved, it will be because of how we have emphasized, invested in, and celebrated our culture. Our culture should be evident in all we do—as we move forward as a city, things like new public spaces and a smart city initiatives should be infused with our culture in ways other communities can only dream of.

We understand that change can be difficult, but in Lafayette we can utilize our culture as a beacon for our growth, our decision making, our future.  FL appreciates that Lafayette is at its best when we are together. We believe that it is through these celebrations of culture that there is a unique opportunity to promote innovation, dialogue, collaboration and consensus building.

FL further believes that community is for everyone, and that Lafayette, because of its strong culture, has a great opportunity to promote community participation and shared decision-making. It’s through this shared interest of cultural celebration that we are able to view life through the lens of our neighbors, allowing for a more complete understanding of their sense of community, and facilitating the development of a community for all.

Again, FL is of the belief that we are a one-of-a-kind community. Our investments as a community should value and promote what most sets us apart, our culture.

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