Decision Making

We value decision making that is reflective, agile, transparent and evidence-based.

To successfully move our community forward, we will need to operate from a foundation of trust, openness, flexibility and willingness to ask ourselves difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions.  The decisions that we make along this journey should be:

Reflective: We expect government and community organizations to consistently ask how they can improve their services for their customers (citizens and businesses). This requires an understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve, a customer-centric focus, an understanding of how well services are meeting needs, and the ability to manage and measure the benefit of new and existing services.

Agile:  We recognize that we never know less about the requirements that will solve a problem than at the beginning of a project. Thus we believe in iterative and incremental methods for managing activities to improve our community. This allows for feedback loops to occur early and often and for projects to be executed in a flexible and interactive manner responsive to customer’s needs.

Evidenced-based:  Government and community organizations should incorporate data and analytics into their decision-making wherever possible. Results of decisions can and should be measured, evaluated and used to inform future decisions.

Transparent: Trust is built through transparency. Decision making processes should be inclusive and open wherever possible. Active civic engagement should be encouraged by government and community organizations across multiple channels. Data used to guide decisions and evaluate performance of government and community organizations should be open, available to be freely used, redistributed and machine readable. This level of openness has been proven to increase government efficiency, boost the local economy (enabling the creation of new products and services by the business community), and encourage greater civic engagement.

The characteristics of decision making we strive for will not always be easy to achieve. We recognize that this requires a cultural change across many organizations, and we acknowledge that strong leadership and an engaged community will be required in order for this to be successful.  Together we believe we can achieve informed, customer-centric decision making that is based on a shared understanding of how to effectively move our city forward.


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