Public Spaces

We value Public spaces that are both creative and functional.

We recognize the importance of public space, encourage their vibrant use and gauge our commitment to our community by the amount of attention and love we show to our public spaces.

We make the connection between the efforts to meticulously furnish, clean and improve our private spaces in the same way that our public spaces deserve equal devotion as the largest manifestation of what we present and offer as a community. We believe that how we continue to build new public spaces and maintain the ones we have in our public realm must be done in tandem with what we do privately to ensure that we are moving forward as a community.

We identify public spaces as our parks, civic institutions, cultural resources and our largest public space assets, our streets and sidewalks. Public spaces are where we gather for social interaction and to find a sense of community. Our public realm is where we gather to learn and escape, celebrate and mourn. Our public space reflects our investment in ourselves and sets the tone for what our community and its residents deserve and expect from civic investment.

Our community can move forward by providing a better quality of life for our residents and visitors through responsible investment in our public spaces that allows for more efficient use of our civic investment if we encourage the following principles.

Public spaces should:

  • Respect our environment and celebrate our natural landscape and ecosystem.
  • Offer safety, comfort, cleanliness, shade and access to basic needs.
  • Be thoughtfully located.
  • Accommodate all users and promote equality.
  • Serve the community through a wide range of uses for participants of all ages and abilities and promote a respectful environment.
  • Share resources thoughtfully, responsibly and efficiently.
  • Reflect a distinctive local character on a micro level to promote neighborliness.
  • Establish a strong local identity to generate pride that instills a sense of importance, ownership and duty.
  • Provide opportunities for public art or expression that rewards users with inspiration and discovery.
  • Endure as the center of public movements and celebrations.
  • Function as the universal meeting place where our community comes together.
  • Recognize the value of serving as the connective tissue that connects us all.
  • Encourage a healthy relationship with our streets and transportation infrastructure including multi-modal transportation options.
  • Leverage proximity to civic institutions, cultural assets, commerce, schools and neighborhoods as a place people want to be.


Project for Public Spaces:
“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody only because, and only when they are created by everybody.”  – Jane Jacobs

“It takes a place to create a community and a community to create a place.” – Fred Kent


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