Civic Engagement

We value civic engagement by citizens, government and community institutions.

Forward Lafayette promotes a positive vision for the future of Lafayette and serves as a platform from which we enable constructive dialogue and actions to achieve this vision.

We value:

Civic engagement by citizens, government, and community institutions

We recognize that a democratic society only works for the good of the whole when all of its members are actively engaged in its processes. When something in our city isn’t serving our community to its fullest potential, we don’t blame the government; we recognize that we are the government, and we start advocating for and actively working toward the changes we want to see.

In the same way that all elected officials have a responsibility to represent their constituents fairly, citizens have an equal responsibility to communicate their wishes to those who represent them. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to engage in open dialogue with policy makers by clearly articulating our essential needs as well as our ideas for quality-of-life improvements.

We choose to view problems through the lens of opportunity. We initiate solution-oriented conversations with governmental and non-governmental decision makers by offering credible data to support our proposals, suggesting achievable roadmaps toward our collective goals, and implementing follow-up actions to meet those objectives.

Through formal and informal avenues of respectful communication, we believe individuals, organizations, and city leaders can move Lafayette forward together.


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