Public Education

We value public education that produces high quality, equitable outcomes.

Communities focused on the future must invest in their public education system.

Forward Lafayette believes that the first and most important rule is to set and demand high expectations in the public school system. This is the only way to ensure that every child – regardless of background – can achieve greatness. To be an excellent community, we must demand that, and then we must provide the resources, investment, and cultural change that make reaching those high expectations possible.

A child’s environment is critical to his/her success. As a community, we cannot expect to achieve our goal, that is to expect schools to improve, until we catch children early and often. Kids can’t learn if they are hungry, angry, or at risk. Food, medicine, mental health – the earlier the better – take investment and resources.

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our community, but they must and schools must be held accountable for results. Teachers are never more important than at-risk children: it’s about the child, not the career.

Successful communities have strong social networks, and that is why Forward Lafayette believes that our schools must embrace parent involvement. Parental involvement is not about bringing the teacher an apple, it is about effective, efficient involvement at the classroom level. Parents have to be partners in their child’s education and in the school’s health and progress.

The public school system must be adequately funded and supported by the entire community, regardless of the strength of our private school system. Adequate property taxes are the most sustainable way to fund public schools, providing a predictable revenue stream. Sales taxes are a dangerous source of funding for public schools: they are regressive, hurting the very communities where public schools need the most investment, while the wildly variable revenue makes long term planning and investment impossible.

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